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Dental crown installationDental crowns are a dental treatment option to repair teeth that are seriously damaged but not completely lost. In short, it is a partial or whole tooth restoration. A crown is a prosthetic partial or whole tooth. It is colour-matched and custom designed to replace the damaged or decayed area of your existing tooth.

First, a custom crown is created. It can be made of porcelain or gold. Your existing tooth is cleaned and prepared. Then your crown is permanently bonded to your tooth. Now, you have got yourself a brand new tooth. It should look and function in a similar way to a natural healthy tooth.

What to expect at your dental check-up

After your initial consultation, your Complete Dental Works dentist will conduct a careful and thorough oral examination and check-up.

Your dentist can identify any existing or potential oral health problems regarding your teeth or gums. They will also check your teeth’s support tissues, your lymph and salivary glands, and your tongue. If required, we will also take X-rays and use an intra-oral camera to assist in our understanding, diagnosis and assessment of your oral health.

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