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Missing Tooth Replacement

At Complete Dental Works, we can replace your missing teeth, and help prevent oral conditions associated with missing teeth from happening.

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The importance of a complete smile

You may think that replacing your missing teeth will improve your appearance. You’re right, sure it does. However, replacing missing teeth can benefit you in many other ways.

If you have missing teeth, your chewing ability and speech, as well as your appearance, are often affected. But the effects don’t stop there. Having missing teeth can impact on your oral and general health also. A gap left by single missing tooth can cause tooth drift and supra-eruption. A tooth can drift out of position if it doesn’t have an adjacent tooth (i.e. the missing tooth) to hold it in position. Supra-eruption is a natural phenomenon when your tooth continues to emerge out of your gums, if there is no opposing force. In the case of a missing tooth, the opposing tooth meets no resistance so it may supra-erupt.

Missing teeth can affect your general health. Imagine trying to take a clean bite of an apple with a pair of missing front teeth. Reduced chewing ability results in poorly digested food and loss of nutrients that are vital for your body’s health and well-being.



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