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Complete Dental Works have a wide range of insurance and payment options


Apple Pay

Got an iPhone or Apple Watch? If you do, claim on your health fund from our HICAPS terminal with a simple tap. For now though, only eligible Medibank, Bupa, nib, GU Health and HBF members can tap ‘n’ claim via Apple Pay.

Tap the Apple Pay and Wallet APP icon to Install the APP LINK

Dental Preferred Providers

We are a preferred provider for Medibank Private(Members’ Choice Advantage), HCF, Bupa, NIB and CBHS


We understand that some patients have payment concerns regarding the cost of dental treatment. At Complete Dental Works, we can provide you with fixed written quotes prior to treatment (excluding cleaning and check-ups). So no surprises. We always stand by our fixed price quotes.

At your consultation, our dentist will also discuss all your options before agreeing on a suitable treatment plan. All item codes that correspond to health fund benefits will be provided in your treatment plan.


We offer a variety of payment options to suit your needs. Whether you are covered by  private health fund insurance, the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Scheme or Veteran Affairs. If you are a paying customer, we can arrange a payment plan for your dental treatment.

Insurance Cover

Complete Dental Works in Annerley, welcome all popular private health fund members. With our HICAPS® facility, you can make on-the-spot claims from your health fund provider.

We are a preferred provider for Medibank Private(Members’ Choice Advantage), HCF, Bupa, NIB and CBHS, so you can receive a higher rebate for your level of health cover within your policy limits. Click the link to see HICAPS® participating health funds.

Here are some popular health fund cover lists.  We have just listed a few samples for your reference.  For more details, please check with your health fund provider.

Medibank Private
  • Comprehensive oral examination
  • Periodic oral examination
  • Oral examination – limited
  • Consultation
  • Intraoral periapical or bitewing radiograph – per exposure
  • Photographic records – intraoral or extraoral – per appointment
  • Removal of plaque and/or stain
  • Recontouring and polishing of pre-existing restoration(s) – per appointment
  • Removal of calculus – first or subsequent appointment
  • Bleaching internal or external – per tooth
  • Provision of a mouthguard – indirect
  • Fissure sealing – per tooth
  • Removal of a tooth or part(s) thereof
HCF – General cover lists
  • Comprehensive oral examination
  • Periodic oral examination
  • Oral examination – limited
  • Intraoral periapical or bitewing radiograph – initial film or subsequest film taken at the same date of service
  • Removal of plaque and/or stain
  • Removal of calculus – first visit
  • Revoval of calculus – subsequent visit
  • Topical application of fluoride – one treatment
CBHS – General cover lists
  • Comprehensive oral examination
  • Preiodic oral examination
  • Oral examination – limited
  • Intraoral periapical or bitewing radiograph – per exposure
  • Removal of plaque and/or stain


Complete Dental Works provides you with affordable family dental care in Annerley.  We can give you a fixed written quote for your recommend treatment options. If your oral condition requires expensive treatment, we offer CareCredit* dental payment plans to suit your budget.

*To qualify for CareCredit, your minimum treatment costs must be $1,000 or over.

Veteran Affairs

We are registered Department of Veterans’ Affairs service providers for the veteran community. If you are a Gold or White card holder, we can help organise the paperwork, and process your claim according to your fee schedule and annual monetary limit.

We accept all DVA treatment arrangements and fees. However, you may require prior financial approval from Veterans’ Affairs for your dental treatment.

For more assistance and information regarding your eligibility and entitlements, contact the Veteran’s affairs Pharmaceutical Advisory Centre (VAPAC) on 1800 500 869, or call our friendly staff.

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule(CDBS)

Please click the link to see the CDBS page.


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Private Health Fund Members


We welcome members of all major private health funds. Your health fund may cover part or all of your dental treatment costs. With our HICAPS® machine, the majority of private health fund participants can claim their health insurance straight after receiving treatment. You only need to pay minor out-of-pocket expense that your private health fund does not cover.


Preferred Providers


We are also a preferred provider for Medibank Private(Members’ Choice Advantage), Bupa, HCF, NIB, Westfund and CBHS. This means that we have a special agreement with these private health funds. If you are a member then you are charged at an agreed price set by your private health fund. As a preferred provider, we ensure that you get a higher rebate for your level of cover (within your policy limits) compared to a non-preferred provider dental practice.


Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule


CDBS - Child Dental Benefits ScheduleIf you are eligible for Medicare and either receive a Family Tax Benefits Part A payment or another eligible Australian Government payment, your child may be entitled to the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule.

On this programme, you are able to claim $1000 financial support for preventative dental services from Medicare with no out-of-pocket costs at our surgery. Ask us about your child’s eligibility today! To find out more information online, visit the Medicare webpage via the following link:



Veteran Affairs


Upper Mt Gravatt TC Dental Group VHW-logoWe care for all our war veteran patients and readily accept patients using a Veteran Affair’s card (DVA White Card). We can organise all appropriate forms required in order to process your claim. However, you will need to seek permission from Veteran’s Affairs beforehand. If you are eligible under the guidelines and restrictions set by the Department of Veteran Affairs, give us a call today.



Payment plans


At Complete Dental Works, we understand that dental treatment can sometimes be very expensive. For this reason, we offer GE Money CareCredit Patient Payment Plans to ease your financial burden. This is a flexible finance program that allows you to pay for your treatment over time with flexible monthly payments. Applications can be completed in our office and approval can be received within the hour. Call us today to find out more.

We are preferred providers for:

Complete Dental Works is an accredited dental clinic and preferred provider for Bupa, Medibank Private(Members’ Choice Advantage), HCF, Westfund, NIB, CBHS and all major health funds. We have our own onsite ceramic dental lab with easy onsite parking and a disability-friendly access ramp.

We accept all major health funds.

+ more

FAQ – Fees, payments & insurance


1. Is dental treatment expensive?

Extensive or complex dental treatment can be expensive but private health insurance can cover most of these expenses.

2. What are the fees and charges for my dental treatment?
At Complete Dental Works, our fee schedule is within the ranges listed on the Australian Dental Association’s annual dental fee survey, the Department of Veteran Affairs fee schedule, Medicare (including the Child Dental Benefit Schedule) and various other private health care provider fee schedules.Complete Dental Works understands the financial stress and anxiety associated with the cost of unexpected dental treatment. This is why we provide you with an accurate written quote prior to treatment, so you can make an informed decision regarding your treatment options.Complete Dental Works also offer payment plans for extensive or complex dental treatment.  Please refer to our Insurance/Payment Options page for further information.
3. What does a dental check up include?

A typical routine dental check up includes a consultation, a full dental examination, a professional deep clean & scale, and a fluoride treatment. Dental X-rays, polish and fissure sealants may be included as extras if required or desired. After your check up, your next scheduled dental visit will also be confirmed.

4. Which private dental insurance cover is best for dental treatment?

Choosing the most suitable level of private dental insurance cover for you and your family depends on your needs, lifestyle and budget.

When choosing a dental insurance cover package, you should consider the dental services that you and your family need.

You can pay to cover dental treatments ranging from general dentistry to complex dental treatment and procedures, such as root canal therapy and dental implants.

You should also compare free or reduced-cost preventative care incentives; no-gap treatment options (no cost to you); and conditions for refunds, such as how long you have to belong to a fund before you can receive orthodontic treatment.

Basically, the more you pay per week, the more cover you get for preventative, general and restorative dental treatment. Most cosmetic dentistry services (that are not medically necessary) are not covered by health funds or Medicare.

5. How much of my dental fees, will my private dental insurance cover?

You can receive at least a 60-90% rebate on dental treatment costs depending on the level of cover you pay for.With the exception of preventative care, almost all dental procedures are not covered at 100% by your dental insurance provider.

Most major health insurance companies offer preventative incentives that can provide you with reduced-cost or no-gap preventative dental treatment. ‘No-gap’ means that the total cost of treatment is covered by the insurance company.

Dental insurance rebates are usually capped at $1000 – $1500 by most major health insurance companies.

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