Today’s Aussie kids and teens are so impacted and conditioned by saturation junk food advertising from major food corporations, they are barely aware of the health risks. That’s because the amount of oral and general health media out there – to help them make informed dietary decisions – is almost non-existent.

The Critic’s Choice awards for best public health ad

That’s why the Australian Dental Association (ADA) has teamed up with Rethink Sugary Drink to help inform and inspire Aussie school students to take action about their diet and nutrition. As part of this joint campaign, the two health organisations have conducted a school programme called Critic’s Choice. Complete-dental-works-Rethink_wi

Getting Aussie school kids to rethink & discuss diet and nutrition

Critic’s Choice has been running for three years, and involves getting school students to watch a range of circulating public health ads each and choose the ones that deliver the most effective and thought provoking health messages. This program is incorporated in the curriculum of a number of Australian primary and secondary schools. Among the public health ads that have won student awards include a video ad showing a family gorging on powdered sugar in their living room, and another showing a man running for 3km through the bush in order to burn off the calories from drinking one can of soft drink. The ADA and Rethink Sugary Drink hope that getting school students to vote and discuss the health implications of giving in to the temptation of consuming drinks and foods with added sugar.

Past and current Critic Choice’s winners selection

Here are a couple of the top public health ads as voted by Australian school students. Please play and enjoy! .