Welcome to Complete Dental Works. We provide family, general and specialised dentistry services in Annerley. All major health funds/DVA/CDBS welcome. To ensure your comfortable, our quality services is always with a gentle touch.


Our dental health goal is to take care your oral health and make your smile natural and beautiful. We are Medibank, HCF, CBHS and Bupa insurance prefer provider in Annerley. We offer you a fair and affordable dental health care and provide you 2017 Child Dental Benefits Schedule information to help you save your children dental expense.

We have passion in dental services, we invest many dental facilities to serve you better, print dental care brochures and compose monthly oral health blog to let know more about oral hygiene and dental care.


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We are a conservative practice that encourages prevention over cure. We also offer a comprehensive range of dental services that cater for all your needs, including restorative dentistry, crowns, bridges, teeth whitening, root canals, sports mouthguards, cosmetic Dentistry, gum disease prevention and dentures. No matter what your dental needs, we can help you. We are also registered providers for many health funds and medicare. This allows us to provide free preventive dentistry in many cases.
Complete Dental Works
Complete Dental Works7 days ago
The Xmas holiday period is almost here, and the Compete Dental Works team would like to extend our warmest gratitude to all our patients for another memorable and successful year. We also would like to wish our patients and their loved ones a very Merry Xmas and a healthy, prosperous New Year!

We will be open for all your oral health needs over the Xmas holiday period - so rest assured that your oral health needs can be attended to over the Xmas holiday period.

Complete Dental Works
Complete Dental Works1 month ago
If your child is entitled to the CDBS, and is in the 2nd year of their entitlement period, the 31 December expiry date for using up any remaining balance is just 6 weeks away. From 1 January 2018, your CDBS entitlement will reset for another two years period, and any remaining balance from the previous period will not be transferred.

So if you want to take full advantage of your child's entitlement before you lose it, book now for a check-up before it's too late!

✔ YOU CAN READ MORE ABOUT THE CDBS ON OUR WEBSITE: https://completedentalworks.com.au/child-dental-benefits-schedule-2017/
Complete Dental Works
Complete Dental Works2 months ago
There are numerous types of tooth sensitivity ranging from dull aches to sharp pain. If you have sensitive teeth, it can be difficult to chew your food, and drink certain beverages.

No matter what the cause is, sensitive teeth need to be checked out by your dentist. In our latest blog post, we take a look at the common types of tooth sensitivity, as well as possible causes and the steps you need to take to find relief.

✔ READ ABOUT THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF TOOTH SENSITIVITY IN OUR LATEST BLOG POST HERE: https://completedentalworks.com.au/types-tooth-sensitivity-symptoms/
Complete Dental Works
Complete Dental Works2 months ago
With 44% of Australians aged over 45 experiencing mild to severe forms of gum disease, a lot of us are going to end up paying tens of thousands of dollars on expensive dental restoration in the future. Even then, you'll never get your natural teeth back once you lose them the first time around.

But you can reduce the risk of gum disease by following a few basic oral health habits that can control its root cause - plaque. Keeping your teeth free of all plaque is essential to prevent gum disease.

✔ READ about what plaque-busting techniques and aids will keep your teeth free from plaque IN OUR LATEST BLOG HERE: https://completedentalworks.com.au/how-to-control-plaque-and-prevent-gum-disease/
Complete Dental Works
Complete Dental Works5 months ago
Most people will receive a dental filling treatment at some point in their life. Fillings are necessary to repair and restore teeth damaged by minor decay and cavities. Without them, tooth decay can spread, and cavities can deepen - until the tooth breaks up completely.

The happy patient below is having one of a range of filling treatments available. There are four main types of fillings: amalgam, composite, porcelain and gold fillings. Each has their pros and cons. In our latest blog post, we put the spotlight on all four.

✔ TO READ MORE ABOUT YOUR DENTAL FILLING OPTIONS, CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING LINK: http://completedentalworks.com.au/dental-fillings-overview/
Complete Dental Works
Complete Dental Works6 months ago
Tooth decay and tooth erosion are two of the most common oral health problems that we are likely to experience as our teeth age.

Most people are familiar with the causes, signs and symptoms of tooth decay. But tooth erosion, on the other hand, is a less well understood oral health problem. There is a common misconception that both oral conditions are quite similar in nature.

We take a look at the differences between tooth decay and tooth erosion, and what preventative steps you can take to avoid both.

✔ READ MORE IN OUR LATEST BLOG POST HERE: http://completedentalworks.com.au/tooth-decay-tooth-erosion-whats-difference/